Menorah Building Workshop

Get your hammers and hard hats ready!

Come pickup a build-your-own menorah kit with everything but the hammer included.

Join us for a fun virtual program on Zoom or do it yourself at home!


Fun for all ages

RSVP required as menorahs are limited


Menorahs generously sponsored by Home Depot


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Ambassadors of Light

The #AmbassadorsOfLight campaign is once again getting ready to kick-off!

Over the next few weeks please reach out to us if you need or know someone that needs a Menorah!

Let us ensure that every single Jew in Logan Square will light up the Menorah and together we will dispel the darkness!

Grand Menorah Drive Thru

Drive-in Chanukah Celebration and Grand Menorah Lighting!

Get out and have fun this Chanukah at the downtown drive-in family Chanukah Experience and Fire Show!

RSVP required at

Space is limited

Sunday, 12/13 at 4:30pm 650 S Financial Place

Safe and friendly for the whole family!


Chanukah is here! 

Have a Menorah at home?

Spot a public Menorah in the street?

See one on a car?

Take a selfie with the menorah and post on social media with the hashtag #LightupLogan. 


Enter into a raffle for a $50 amazon gift card.

Virtual Chanukah for kids

Kids still at home? E-learning?

Learn and enjoy a full array of virtual Chanukah games and activities by clicking here

Chanukah How-To

Chanukah, the festival of lights, traditionally celebrated in the cozy company of dear family and close friends. Chanukah, when we gather ‘round the menorah and share stories of strength and survival. Chanukah, when we celebrate the miraculous victory of the few over the many, the G‑dly over the profane, and the weak over the mighty.

For many, this Chanukah will be like no other, celebrated in isolation, either alone or only with close family members. Yet Chanukah is a time of miracles, when we remind ourselves and the world that G‑d is present in our lives, that miracles happen, and that anything is possible.

Ready to make this Chanukah the most memorable, festive, and spiritually uplifting ever?

Read on to discover our top tips for an amazing Chanukah at home.